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Strictly Speaking

Greetings to everyone, and with thanks to all our blogger friends, new and old, here are some more photographs from a corner of old England for you to enjoy. These pics, like last month, were taken…

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Where Dreams become Realities

Call that’s All

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The Cold War Means Your Brain Has More Radioactive Carbon-14 Than Your Grandparent’s Brain

What follows describes one of the most astonishing and sublime facts from science that I have learned in the last few years: It is a little-known fact that the Cold War waged decades ago between th…

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Amazing Siena

Among the places that I have visited during this trip, the town of Siena, Italy was one of my favorites because this Tuscan hill-town gave me a sense of being transported back to the Middle Ages. O…

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Patience In The World

Hello Readers and welcome back to Words With Colours. From the last blog post, I had left it open-ended with a question: what does sadness mean to you? For me, I think that due to the lack of self-…

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Mainstream Media is Paid To Lie – Fred Elliott

Elliott: Why the media lies so muchI recently read an article on written by Cynthia McKinney, the first black woman elected to the Georgia Legislature. The title of the article was “Why Does…

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Pretty, More than Beautiful

漂亮,簡直太美麗   They are many celestial beings coming from high afar. I saw an angel standing aloft others full of blazing glory and dazzling white. Soon, I knew that it is the Messenger of …

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the ones who walk away…

in the summer of 2009, a group of literary-minded people hosted a “summer reading” series of events in portland. one of the events featured ursula k leguin’s short story THE ONES WHO WALK AWAY FROM…

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Public Fridge for the Homeless

Wow! this truly is about sharing.

Cup of Good

How many times have you left a restaurant with a to-go box, only to toss it in the trash a few days later? In Kochi, India, you can share your leftovers with the homeless population by leaving it in an outdoor fridge!

Minu Pauline, restaurant owner of Pappadavada, came up with this solution to help the less fortunate folks in her city: She covers the cost of the fridge and electricity while she, along with the community, do their part to donate excess food that they are going to throw out anyway.

I just love this. When I first arrived in the United States, one of the first things I noticed were the large portions, so there is always an abundance of wasted food. I know some companies are already donating their unsold goods to food banks, but, as Minu shows, you don’t have to be a giant corporation to make a difference in people’s lives. What an inspiration!


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Global Distribution System

By: Manuel Calderón López  -Ricardo Rodríguez Burchard GDS 1.- It stands Global Distribution System, is an informatic system and tool used for different tour providers; for booking plane tickets, h…

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