For more than sixty years I have pondered the questions, who am I? And what am I supposed to be doing with what is thought to be life. Thru-out all of my trials and tribulations, joys and happiness, successes and failures, those questions were always there. Somehow I believed with all my being that I would at some point receive the answer! Never knowing if I would actually be aware of having receive the answer to the questions I carried with me so reverently. So! With no choice not knowing whether there would even be a next day or even minute I continued on. There have been many number of times I would’ve sworn that I had received the long sought answer to what I had come to think of as the greatest mystery of existence “who am I “ and “ what is my purpose”!

Now! More than sixty years behind me, the noises of life dying down and becoming less hectic I believe I was always receiving answers thru each and every experience I have ever had and continue to have. The answer is and always was upgrade or (evolution). Updating my operating system (awareness) and installing new drivers (habits) in order to function with a new attitude. Because of the diversity of life processes are continually changing and we must always upgrade (evolve) to remain relevant. We have to install new drivers (habits) if we intend to participate in this ongoing process. By installing the latest operating system we can always be (aware) of the changing times.