A Way in the Woods

There is no absence of desire. This is human life. Comes with the body. Start off with breath. We need breath, we desire air… On a very deep basic level. Not desire like chocolate pudding, but our body needs air. We need food, we don’t have to overeat, but we need food.

And we also have this thing called lust. We like to get laid. So, some people like it more than others some people do it more than others, some people do it less than others, but it’s a part of having a human body. Desire is part of the program.

What’s wrong with desire is that it sets up false expectations. That’s not what’s wrong with desire, that’s a cultural thing. The misunderstanding about desire is that sexual desire, physical desire has something to do with Love. We all think it does, don’t we? The commercials of you…

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