We ponder the many ways that crystals come into being and gain metaphysical insights that enhance our therapeutic intuition.

The purpose of this series is to help the student of crystal therapy to appreciate the correspondences that exist between crystals, the human body, and the atomic elements called minerals. Therapy is a three-way process that takes place between the crystals and the client, with the therapist acting as an energetic bridge. The therapist furthermore must be attuned to their highest and most loving spiritual component.

According to *Michael Geinger, crystal therapy can be applied as a three-in-one process:

Igneous crystals are considered to be good for primary healing, for example drawing out pain.

Sedimentary crystals are considered to be useful when people are undergoing times of growth.

Metamorphic crystals are considered to be useful for people who are undergoing times of deep inner change.

The types igneous, sedimentary, and…

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