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FOX Broadcasting Company – Kimmie Willis – Hell\\\’s Kitchen on FOX – Official Site

FOX Broadcasting Company – Kimmie Willis – Hell\\’s Kitchen on FOX – Official Site

via FOX Broadcasting Company – Kimmie Willis – Hell\\\’s Kitchen on FOX – Official Site.

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There was once a slave boy who never knew what freedom meant. The concept of it all eluded him and the thought only bemused him. One day help came and he was told that he now was a free man. He stood there bewildered about what they meant. He enquired and he was told that he now had liberty to do whatever he wished. He became happy and in his glee slapped his owner. When he was stopped it only angered him and in his anger he abused the law enforcer who restrained him. He was beat up and thrown in a cage. He became confused once more as if he was free to do what he wished for why was he in jail?

He soon learnt that freedom meant living under set rules which the society deemed appropriate. It meant not to hurt someone for your own pleasure. It…

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Self Improvement, Faith, & Confidence.

If you want to learn the true art of mind power then it is of the greatest importance you understand 2 functions of your mind, and also how they interact with each other…

You only possess one mind, but it has 2 totally different functions – and the names generally used to distinguish these 2 different functions are as follows.

1,  The Conscious Mind
2,  The Subconscious Mind

There are many other terms used. But the 2 listed above, are the ones used most to represent the 2 main functions of your mind.

To help us better understand the conscious and subconscious mind, they may be compared to a tree and its roots…

•    You’re conscious mind being the tree, which helps you with daily situations like, decision-making, rational thinking, or just simply figuring out what to do and how best to do it.

When we think of ‘me’…

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