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Blog | Film is the new pen

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Thursday Morning Meditations

A friend sent a photo of a newspaper clipping as a forward today. I could only find a copy of the text in discussion forums. But the gist of it was the phenomenon of “karma.”

Karma is most easily defined by the Hindu roots of the law of cause and effect. Or, as we Westerners understand it, something happening to us because of something else we did.

For as many people as are on this earth, there are equally as many theories of the universe’s workings. But I tend to believe in this Karma thing. And I also believe that it works both ways. For instance: if you are a genuine jerk to someone, it may come back around that someone will shortly thereafter be a genuine jerk to you. Or, the converse: if you give of yourself to help others, someone will do a good favor for you too.

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