Forty years ago I hung out with an actor named John Garry in London who also taught Buddhist meditation.  He described organizing lectures in Manchester in the 1950’s with some of the first Tibetan teachers to come to the UK.  When he advertised Lama Ching Ma Dorje, speaking about the Jewel of the Lotus 200 people showed up.  The following week when he advertised John Garry speaking about Practicing the Jewel of the Lotus 5 people showed up.

Jerome Frank’s classic study Persuasion and Healing explores how healers (or anyone else) for that matter, receive their power and authority from others.  Imagine a world before radio, t.v. or the internet.  You hear by word of mouth that a Great Preacher is coming to town.  Stories of his wondrous powers to cast out devils abound.  The rumors and tales circulate to a feverish pitch.  The night comes and the church is…

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