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The Imperfect Church

beliefThe other day I had a commenter tell me he would like to see me write an apologetics series of sorts, taking on some of the tougher issues. The idea has been in my mind since then, but I’ve decided not to do such a series. I could handle the intellectual and theological sides of the debate, it was my life for almost a decade, but to do so requires me to shut down emotionally, and I won’t do that. I’ve just now began to rediscover some sides of me long hidden away, and I’d rather not risk it.

Another reason I will not do the series is because the way in which I believe actually goes against trying to prove someone wrong on an issue that no human can know.

I don’t want to argue, but others have asked where I’m at spiritually, which is code for “are you…

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Today’s Supreme Court rejection against The Pirate Bay signals the start of a new campaign targeting 150 file-sharing sites, say anti-piracy figures. A lawyer for the Hollywood movie studios says she expects Swedish sites and those providing them with infrastructure will stop their activities today. Antipiratbyran say they will take legal action against those that don’t.

This morning, Sweden’s Supreme Court announced that it would not be granting leave to appeal in the Pirate Bay case. This means that the prison sentences and millions of dollars in fines previously handed out to the four defendants will stand.

Unsurprisingly, the entertainment and anti-piracy companies behind the long-running case are celebrating and planning for the future.

“The rule of law has spoken and this is a defining moment in the lengthy discussion of copyright on the Internet,” says Henrik Pontén, lawyer at Antipiratbyrån.

“The Supreme Court has made clear to all involved…

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They Walk Among Us

Keithpp's Blog

I look at the internet as the new radio. I look at the radio as gone. […] Piracy is the new radio. That’s how music gets around. — Neil Young

Neil Young is right when he refers to piracy as the new radio.

Neil Young is right — piracy is the new radio
Neil Young on music and Steve Jobs: ‘piracy is the new radio’

Neil Young calls piracy “the new radio” because it’s “how music gets around”.

Hard to believe but the music industry used to pay radio stations to play their music. They paid so we could hear their music for free. It was a discredited system called payola. They also used to go and buy records in record shops known to be sampled to produce the Top 20.

We like to share. Though I wish the brain-dead morons would not share their bad taste as…

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