NOAA and “climate disasters” – made up words?

Watts Up With That?

I got a chuckle out of this new buzzword that NOAA has created in this press release: “climate disasters”. Personally, I think they’ve been caught up the disaster hype.


Well, because the term is undefined. It isn’t even in NOAA’s own glossary of meteorological terms, seen here: or in the main glossary here:

The AMS glossary doesn’t define it either:

   Unable to find term ‘”climate disaster”‘

Nor the Weather Channel:

NSIDC, that home of that master of disaster “the Arctic is Screaming” Dr. Mark Serreze, doesn’t have it either:

Why, even the National Climatic Data Center, author of this press release, doesn’t have it:

So what is a “climate disaster”? Something apparently just made up on the spot to sound scary to apply to the “weather is not climate unless we say it is” meme.

NOAA: 2011 a year of…

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